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Tubing and Sheeting

Polythene Film

Polythene can best be described as heat a reactive polythene which when shrunk forms a tight protective barrier around a given object. For example a pallet cover gives protection against the elements, whilst securely holding it's contents during transportation. Polybags Ltd polythene film is used in both manual and automated applications, with either a heat shrink gun or a shrink tunnel, both of which Polybags can also supply.

High Density Polythene Film- (HDPE)

HDPE film has a cloudy appearance and when folded creases easily. With excellent resistance properties and added stiffness HDPE is more suited to automated applications then other polythene films. The most common use for HDPE is found in the reduced thickness supermarket carrier bag.

Low Density Polythene Film - (LDPE)

This polythene grade is known for being a general-purpose product. The majority of Polybags stock products such as the Lay Flat tubing are made using LDPE polymers. Polybags can manufacture any film or bag shape using this type of polythene, tailor made for your requirement.

Heavy Duty Polythene Film

Heavy duty polythene film is approximately 30% stronger than standard LDPEs, and offers superb added strength properties, such as greater tear and puncture resistance. Heavy duty film is a yield increasing durable polythene. When compared to a standard LDPE, Heavy duty plastic film can be reduced in thickness and offer comparable performance to that of a thicker LDPE. This high performance money saving film is a direct alternative to LDPEs, and worth enquiring about.

Co-extruded Poly Film

Multi-layer poly film consisting of different polymer grades, most commonly seen in grow bags or mailing film. (Black inner and white outer) The different performance characteristics of co-extruded polythene are endless and can be tailored specifically to meet your requirements.

Linear Low Density Polythene Film - (LLDPE)

Similar to Low Density, Linear Low Density polythene offers greater range in its performance characteristics, particularly its superior strength properties. Polybags has over 40 years experience manufacturing this type of polythene.

Regranulated Polythene

Manufactured from re-cycled polythene film, regranulated polythene products are often used in non-critical applications where quality is not a major requirement.

Competitively priced this grade of polythene can be considered the lowest grade of polythene film. Most commonly used in industrial applications such as builder's films, and refuse sacks. Plastic film that is not manufactured from regranulated polythene is sometimes referred to as virgin polythene.